Here in Williamsburg we've been gifted with an assortment of places to get food,  coffee, and drinks - as well as some great places to sit down with your laptop and get some work done outside of the office. If you ever find yourself in our neck of the woods, here are a few of our favorite neighborhood places to go visit.


Time for Coffee

Hardwater coffee in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Nestled deep in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Hardwater Coffee Co. is a cafe with character. With a utopian, all-white interior, you feel like you're entering a spaceship as you walk in. The minimalist design sets a contrasting tone to the outside garden area, which is flooded with foliage, plants, and multiple areas to kick back and relax, or get some work done. The extensive backyard area is a tranquil hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the Brooklyn streets. You'll frequently find people doing work here, with the trendy music playing throughout the cafe giving it a very relaxed and chilled-out feel. The logo for Hardwater may be somewhat saturnine for a coffee shop, but it's definitely one of the coolest logos out there. 

Oslo is another cafe close to our headquarters in Brooklyn that offers a variety of coffee and refreshing juices. This cafe, like Hardwater, boasts a clean, white interior with minimalist designs. Pressed juices are on display in a mini cooler next to the register -  a must for coffee shops in the summer, as the heat deters many customers from ordering the classic hot coffee (and iced coffee may not be everyone’s cup of tea).

And if you want to get a drink that isn't coffee or juice, Randolph Beer is a must for any beer lover out there - with a big selection of beers that include descriptions of flavors and origins. Along with the impressive selection of beverages, the decor is second to none. Randolph Beer has an extensive display of chemistry-related wall art, with the formula for alcohol and other compounds scattered across the walls (somewhat reminiscent of high school chemistry class, a time that I for one don't really miss). Randolph has an innovative system for getting beer - allowing you to pour yourself from a system that keeps track of pours and the amount you owe at the end. It means no waiting at the bar to purchase a drink.


Get Your Grub On

Smorgasburg in Brooklyn

Brooklyn also has Smorgasburg, the largest regular open-air food market in America. Tents are placed all around with every genre of food in the book. This is a weekend hotspot, with thousands of people attending to try new foods. Smorgasburg is great if you wish to enjoy your meal outside, or on the water, as the land is up against a mini beach complete with incredible views of Manhattan. Another DAEM favorite is Motorino, which wins our vote for best pizzeria in our area. They serve delicious, authentic, Italian style pizza that is tough to beat.

Overall, Brooklyn is an area rich in culture - and in coffee, drinks, and food. Our neighborhood of Williamsburg has an assortment of cafes, restaurants, and delis that cater to any need or craving, and is worth dedicating a whole day to exploring.

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