In December, DAEM is releasing an exclusive, groundbreaking watch collection designed with the Basquiat Estate.

Pre-order access on first-come basis while supplies last.

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DAEM approaches watchmaking differently: luxury in every sense, but created through diverse narratives from the world around us.

Jean-Michel Basquiat's prolific work channeled the world around him in ways no artist had before. We custom designed this collection with the Basquiat Estate to convey his vibrant energy and originality.  


Now’s The Time (1985) is an artful reference to jazz musician Charlie Parker’s 1945 song of the same name. The round vinyl shape and perfect imprecision allows DAEM to reimagine the traditional watch face.

The patterned strap and colors were inspired by Basquiat's fashion in the early 1980's.

Powered by Swiss quartz movement, with stitched canvas straps lined with leather. Delivers beginning of December.

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Skull blends two of Basquiat's most powerful works. His Untitled artwork (a.k.a. Skull) was presented at his debut solo exhibition in New York. The case of the watch, like the Skull painting, provides a glimpse of both the inside and outside of the mind.

Undiscovered Genius, as depicted on the canvas strap, reflects societal plights facing black America.

The complexity of artworks - Genius and Skull - are tied together through the 25-jewel Swiss ETA automatic movement powering the timepiece. Delivers beginning of December.

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Warrior captures how true royalty can come from the streets.

At 7 years old, Basquiat was hit by a car and suffered severe injuries. At 15, he ran away from home and slept on benches at Tompkins Square Park.

Despite humble beginnings and immense struggles, Basquiat embraced life around him and ascended to true royalty in the art world.

Powered by Swiss quartz movement, with Italian full-grain leather straps. Delivers beginning of December.

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COllector's Edition

For the avid art lover, all three custom DAEM x Basquiat pieces.

Display case included. Perfect for watch storage and a display piece in its own right.

Limited while supplies last.

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